Yeah. Been a while.

I love how people blog like crazy, seek drop off the planet and then show up and talk about how life has been busy and they’re going to start blogging again.

Since this is an extreme case of dropping off the planet and I probably won’t start blogging again since now we have Facebook to bore each other with, website here’s a summary. Since I last posted, the dog died, the cat died, the baby is now 4.5 and in pre-school, and he has a younger sister who is almost two.


Spring 2010 Update

Playing outside
Playing outside
Things have been great with us. Grey is growing and doing more every day. Just in the last few weeks he’s started talking WAY more and naming everything he sees. He’s currently in love with Sesame Street and The Wiggles and talks constantly about Rover (Grover) and Mehmo (Elmo). We’re really looking forward to getting outdoors this year, store last summer he was not quite walking yet.

As usual we have some home projects going, mind right now I’m working on getting our deck stained and the outdoor furniture cleaned and ready for the summer. I’ve also ripped out the old shrubs in the front and am about to put in new plants and get that all sorted out.


We got about 5 inches of snow this past weekend and Grey got his first chance to actually walk around in it. When it (barely) snowed last year he was not walking yet.

He took about 3 steps and did a faceplant. Didn’t seem to bother him but it was too deep for him to walk alone so he we walked with him and he said “go go go” the whole time.

almost done

Today I finally finished the electrical in our bonus room closet. Installed the lights, visit this switches and a couple of receptacles.

Officially, sick all that is left in that room is magnetic catches for the closet doors (that I’m having trouble finding), nurse a small amount of paint and baseboard on the inside of the closet (that I can’t get to at this point) and carpet. The carpet is going to get done when we do the whole upstairs so we just have to pick out (argue) what kind and color we want and go with it.


Giggle Box

I’m going to start posting some vids from time to time. Here’s one of G cracking up on the changing table. You never know what will get him going, story this time it was just me making a stupid noise. He was about 8 months old here.

NY 2009

NY 2009
NY 2009

Finally getting some photos up from NY. We missed last year because L was preggers so it was good to see everyone.

We did a few things differently this year. With all of G’s stuff added in we decided to rent a mini-van. It worked out well though it was packed pretty tight. We also stayed in a hotel in Watertown instead of near Clayton. It’s about a 30 min. drive but we really didn’t mind it and it was sort of nice in the mornings. Plus nicer rooms and wireless internet so both Sara and I were loving that.

G did very well traveling, vitamin he slept more than anything else. When it was time for him to eat we just fed him in the van at the fast food place, page changed him then grabbed some food for ourselves and ate while we drove.  It was a big help to have Sara back there with him to entertain him some and give him toys. Took us 15 hrs up and 14 back.

In the hotel he slept in his Pack ‘N’ Play. We’d get him to sleep in our bed then put him in it. He slept like a log every night, which was much better than we expected. We even had to wake him up a couple of mornings. Of course he was very tired every night with all the people around and erratic nap times (if any).

Birthday #1

Birthday Cake Destroyer
Birthday Cake Destroyer

This past Saturday was Grey’s first b-day and we celebrated with lots of family and food. Of course he got his own mini cake to tear into, gonorrhea and did pretty well once he got started.  It was his first time with cake and frosting in general but he seemed to think it was not too bad. Unbelievable that he’s a year old.

He also took his first step the day before his birthday, we were thrilled. Of course he’s not taken one since.

Obligatory cake on the face photos here.

Just a little off the back, please

The Ladies Man
The Ladies Man

June 24th we headed to Grandmama’s for Grey to get his first haircut. He didn’t mind it at all, clinic even the trimmers buzzing around his ears. He sat in his Mom’s lap and great-grandma Mary did a good job of keeping him distracted with toys.

He had a mohawk strip that had never fallen out when he originally lost some hair, this so it was quite a bit longer than the rest and we were glad to get that part cut. It turned out really well and he looked older and very handsome when she was done.

A few more pics.

Shoe shine, sir?

Chris needs a job.
Chris needs a job.

As of February 5th I joined the masses of the unemployed. It’s just unbelievable how many people are laid off. Hopefully things will pick up soon for everyone.

We pulled Grey out of daycare since I’m home anyways (we weren’t overly crazy about him being there anyways). It’s been a blast having him with me all day, thumb though admittedly the jump from my job of 10 years to stay at home dude took a little getting used to. But at this point we’re running pretty smoothly.

Now we have to decide whether I keep at it until I find a new job, or if I just plan on staying home with him during the day and freelance at night.

growing and growing

Jelly Bean Jones
Jelly Bean Jones

Lots of changes from the little dude the last month or so. On New Year’s Day he rolled over onto his tummy for the first time.  January 5th he started daycare as Mommy went back to work. Little dude did just fine, buy Mommy had a little adjustment period of being without him but in the end everyone got into the groove. The main problem with daycare is that he’s catching all the colds, meningitis he’s currently on his 3rd one since Christmas.

He’s sleeping well these days, approved his last bottle is at 8pm and after that he normally sleeps through until about 7am. There have been a few times that he didn’t sleep well because of his colds but other than that he’s a great sleeper.

He’s been eating cereal for the past few weeks. His first time eating solid food he acted as if he had done it every day of his life so no problems at all. He’s up to twice a day cereal now, tomorrow he starts carrots and squash for the first time and will soon move to 3 times per day.

Finally his hair is starting to grow back and pretty much cover his head now. It’s a good bit lighter than when he was born.

Within the last week he really has started to get the hang of sitting up unsupported. Still a little wobbly but almost hands off now. Today for the first time he clapped his hands and did pat-a-cake with us, though he does need some work on his rhythm. So he’s learning and changing and doing new things every day it seems.

Next on the list is graduation from baby carrier to regular car seat and my personal favorite, riding in the grocery cart.

Most recent photos from Feb 1st.

Christmas 2008

ho ho ho
ho ho ho

We had a great Christmas this year. We found a really good tree for the first time in a while and Grey helped pick it out.

He of course got lots of good toys and Santa brought him tons of Dr. Seuss books. Sara got an iPod Touch that was so cool it was all Dad could do to not go out and buy his own.

Most of all we got to see family and spend time with everyone on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day as well.

Grey’s Baptism

Baptism Boy
Baptism Boy

Lots of photos of Grey’s baptism on November 1st. He was perfect during the ceremony, grip didn’t cry at all, help and his head smelled for about a week. We were super proud of him.

Most of the usual suspects were there except for Aunt Tami, look some of the kids were getting sick so they decided not to come. Surprise appearance from Uncle Chuck, he flew in from NY and boy were his arms tired (dedicated to Chuck), but it was a great surprise.

Obligatory smiling while holding baby photos here.

Pea in a pod

Pea Pod
Pea Pod

Grey celebrated his first Halloween this year. We only went trick or treating to one house (Nana and Papa’s) and he didn’t get to eat any candy (Daddy ate some for him)  but it was fun all the same.

We picked the costume mainly because Pea Pod was what we called him since we saw the first ultrasound, order because well, neurosurgeon that’s pretty much what he looked like. Otherwise, he would have been Elvis as there was a great costume complete with guitar and Elvis hair, but he made a pretty good pea pod.

Few more photos here.

who rules the roost? baby does.

Grey - 2 months
Grey - 2 months

So I FINALLY get to an update. We’ve been hibernating, drugs or at least it feels that way. Grey just hit 2 months.

A week or so after coming home he started having some stomach problems. He seemed to be in really bad pain (mainly after he ate) to the point of screaming and thrashing around. So we started taking him to the dr. and trying out all the meds and about every formula on the market. Nothing really made a difference.

So 2 weeks ago we took him to a gastroenterologist at Duke to see if they could find the cause. They upped his dosage of Zantac for a week (no help) and then had us try a couple of cans of super high end powdered formula to rule out an allergy once once and for all (still no help).  So it looks like next up is an upper GI scan, we’ll find out next week.

For about the first 4 weeks he was home he was eating every 2 hrs. It was taking on average an hour to get him fed and back to sleep (and he’s not the best sleeper with tummy pain), so we were sleeping 45 min – 1 hr lots of times. It was an absolutely brutal schedule and looking back it seems a bit surreal. Now he’s eating about every 3-4 hrs during the day and every 4-5+ hrs at night…plus we can alternate at night now so each of us can sleep for a while uninterrupted. Still not great but compared to what it was it’s a walk in the park. Also, I think we’re both just used to being tired all the time now.

In-between the times he’s hurting and furious with the world, he’s just awesome. He’s starting to hold his head up pretty well now, is making eye contact and following things with his eyes. He’s also growing like crazy, he just hit the 10lb mark and L is missing “her tiny little boy”.

We’ve started taking him out a little, last weekend he went with us to Golden Corral to grab some take-out, and tonight he went to Cary Towne Center, we actually broke out the stroller for the first time. This afternoon he gets his first real photos done.

Lots of photos for August.

baby crashes party, immediately grounded by parents

Grey Everly Jones
Grey Everly Jones

Grey Everly Jones
July 18, ambulance 2008 – 9:27 am
5lbs 10oz

Our son decided once again to show us who’s boss by showing up four weeks early. L went into labor about 4:45am Friday the 18th, and after a few hours they decided to do a c-section due to complications. All went perfect with both of them, and they were both able to come home on Monday the 21st.

He was a little jaundiced and his weight dropped down to almost 5lbs before we left the hospital so we had several dr. visits the first week to monitor that as well as his bilirubin levels. As of Monday he was back up to 5lbs 7.5oz so he’s putting on the muscle.

L is recovering very well and feeling better every day. We haven’t slept for over 3 hrs at a stretch since bringing him home, so we’re both a little worn down, but overall doing well and trying to get into a routine.

Lots of photos posing with Mom, Dad, big sister and family here.

Mommy pic for July and update

Well here we are at the end of week 35. Tick tock…it won’t be long now.

L is still on bed rest, capsule at our upcoming week 36 appt. they will decide whether or not she can get back to normal. She’s worked from home for the past ~5 weeks now and is getting a little tired of being trapped in the house and not being able to do some of the things she’d like to be doing, but overall she’s doing great, as is the baby.

We’ve been busy getting the baby room ready, I painted earlier this week and tonight we got some of the furniture arranged. I have a dresser and changing table to paint, change the ceiling fan and a few odds and ends but that’s about it until we get the crib etc.

We went with green, can’t do blue. Not gonna happen.

baby attempts takeover, news at 11

This past Saturday morning L woke up feeling not so great and with stomach pain. When it kept getting worse she called the dr. and he told her to go to the hospital. We zipped over there (very nice to live 5 min away) and they started monitoring her and the baby immediately. We were really relieved to hear the baby’s heartbeat, human enhancement L had not felt him move all morning and was getting pretty worried out about it, approved but they told us she was having contractions and they’re less than a minute apart, hygiene so like one big contraction basically.

As I’m frantically trying to sign all these admission and consent papers, I realize the lady says that one set of papers I’m signing as “the father”, they are prepping L for surgery and putting on little surgery shower caps and booties over their shoes. Holy crap. In a couple of minutes we’re going to have a too-early baby that has no name, no place to sleep, no clothes, no nothing. Holy crap again.

Luckily about that time the dr. came in, completely calm, and started settling everything down. He thought he could get the contractions under control and assured us the baby was in no danger. They started lots of meds and told us she was going to stay at least the night.

Sunday her contractions were much further apart and less severe, but they decided to keep her another day. By Sunday night they had pretty much stopped and they let her go home late Monday morning. No real reason for the early labor that they could find, could have been dehydration, a little infection etc., guess we’ll never know and they said that’s pretty common.

She’s on “modified bed rest” now, which means work from home, take it easy, no shopping etc…limited activity. She’s feeling ok, just uncomfortable and a little hypersensitive to everything.

We’re at 31 weeks now so even though early, it’s not THAT early according to the nurses at the birth center. They deliver them earlier than that. They gave L two steroid injections that will help his lungs develop in case he comes early, but we’re trying to keep him as calm as we can so he can stay on the original schedule a little better.

Sara turns 14

We just celebrated Sara’s 14th birthday, treatment my how the years do fly by. All the usual suspects with the addition of my sister (Aunt Tami) and family. It was really good to have them with us this time, advice they couldn’t make it last year. It was a bit odd without Dad here but he was in our thoughts and he was missed.

Hot dogs, ampoule hamburgers, cake and ice cream and birthday gifts. Pretty hard to go wrong with all that. The weather held out and all the younger kids did a lot of running, bubble blowing and throwing green plums at one another.

Photos here.

And because I’m getting caught up, here’s photos from her 13th as well.

Charleston, SC

Drayton Hall
Drayton Hall

Just got back from a long weekend in Charleston, capsule SC. We left Thursday after work and came home Sunday afternoon. Lots of walking, food and tourist-ing in general. We did a motorized “bus” tour, a horse carriage tour, and toured 3-4 mansions and a plantation.

We love to visit old houses and these were ok, but after a couple it starts getting a little irritating to pay $10-15 per person to only get to see a few rooms. Almost all of them we toured had only a small part open to the public and it was really disappointing to have whole floors of the house roped off. Most of them also wouldn’t allow photos at all inside, so that kind of spoils half the fun for me.

One that is privately owned and not on the historic maps was really neat, the Calhoun Mansion. It’s lived in by the owner and is completely stuffed with antiques of all kinds. L didn’t care for the decor at all but I loved the ridiculousness of it, it worked in that setting. If your entry hall is 60ft long with 14ft ceilings, you just don’t buy your light fixtures from Home Depot.

On Sunday we went to Drayton Hall, a plantation house built in 1738 that is “preserved” rather than “restored”. So no antiques and polished mahogany in this one, the house is empty and you have to use your imagination. The grounds are beautiful with some of the most incredible live oaks I’ve ever seen.

We ate at several of the better known restaurants in Charleston but it seemed we never really quite had a GREAT meal. Almost but not quite there. Either it was cooked a little off, not enough of it, we had a bad table or some combination of them all. Of course L’s idea of a favorite meal is to get a lot of desserts and treats and eat them in the room while watching tv anyway, so we definitely did that.

We had a good time overall, the weather was nice, not too hot, nothing was overly crowded and it was good to get away one last time before jr. gets here.

Photos here.

Bonus room redo

Sara de-structingWe’ve gotten a good way into adding the closet in the bonus room. Sara and I tore out the built-in entertainment center a few weeks ago. Last week I located the doors we wanted and got them delivered. This past Saturday I got the wall framed, for sale and Sunday got the wiring done.

Next up, drywall. I’m still trying to decide on whether or not I’ll at least hang it myself. If I had a way to easily get it here there’s no doubt that I would. I have to make a decision and roll with it either way, still a lot to do.

Progress photos here.

update and mommy pic for May

Had a dr. visit on Tuesday, try standard stuff…tests, gynecologist listened to the heartbeat. All is going along just fine and according to schedule.

L continues to feel well, about it she’s not sleeping so great but we got her a huge weird pillow that a friend recommended and that’s helping a lot, albeit nothing seems to solve it all…the main issue is that she normally sleeps on her back and she can’t right now.

Jr. is doing a lot of kicking these days. I’ve only managed to feel it a couple times but L is feeling it all the time.

We’ve gotten more names in the hat now although no real finalists yet (or do we?).

Douglas R. Jones – 4.24.42 – 3.15.08

Not one to be left out of things, viagra Twiggy decided to get sick this past weekend and yak all over everything for a few days. She laid around for a day or so and didn’t feel so hot, no rx but when I offered people food and she declined I knew it was time to call the vet. They did an xray first to make sure she didn’t eat some foreign object that would cause a blockage, then punctured her all over trying to draw some blood (never did get any) and loaded us up with drugs and a couple cans of food.

About $250 for “maybe she got into something”, which strangely enough was the same diagnosis I had to begin with, except for free. Not likely in our fenced back yard but stranger things have happened. There’s no doubt if she finds something that she determines is appetizing she’ll most definitely eat it, no matter how gross L may think it is.

She’s pretty much back to her cat annoying normal self now.
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my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be twenty-one, I was astonished at how much the old man had learned in seven years.
attributed to Mark Twain

that’s my boy!

3/10/08 - 17wks 5daysWeighing in at 7 oz., price our son.

I keep saying “my son” to myself and it still sounds strange to my ears after being so used to “my daughter”.

Ultrasounds are great, healing they just never last long enough. We sit there with stupid grins the entire time and say things like “oh, viagra look at the little fingers” and “awww, he’s kicking his feet”…the technician must want to punch someone in the head by the end of the day. I’ve considered offering her a 20 spot to show me the “print” button and then go get herself a coffee, I’m pretty sure I could drive the thing if I had a couple minutes to figure it out.

Everything is so far is great. At 18 weeks now, all tests have been normal, L has gained 8 lbs and everything is just where it should be. They checked kidneys, spinal cord, heart, brain etc. and all are looking fine. Unfortunately this was the last ultrasound unless there is a need for another one, so that’s disappointing but I have a feeling mid August is going to be here soon enough and we’ll have the real thing.

We’re ready to start discussing names but alas, I discover that L’s Super Secret Special Stash of Names doesn’t have anything for a boy in it, so we have nothing, nada, zip. I guess these days there are plenty of baby name websites, but before it even starts I know what certain ones of you are thinking and NO, we are NOT naming this baby Chris, Mark or Chuck, lol.

L is starting to wear maternity clothes now, is eating well and feeling pretty normal overall.

We’ve finalized our plans for adding a closet in the bonus room and are about to start gathering supplies for that. We’ve been back and forth on it a lot, giving up square footage for a closet is not something we want to do but we really do need the closet space so we think it will balance out.

my, what a beautiful cake!

I wish…This past Sunday was L’s birthday so Sara and I baked her a slightly crooked but dee-licious chocolate cake, more with a top notch frosting job by Sara. L’s really been laying off the sweets so this was a nice treat for her, giving them up is probably the hardest of all for her, she’s a big fan. A slab of chocolate cake, a glass of milk and a good show on Tivo and she’s all set.

Lots of b-day phone calls and Mom and Dad Lowell stopped by with a card.


NCSU baby bib – from Sara

fuzzy socks – from Sara

photo album

mail opener

body pillow

update and a mommy pic

2/20/08Today was a trip to the doc for some blood work and to listen to the heart beat. All is well in babyland.

L has started showing very well now although you can’t tell so much in the photo. I’m going to try to post pics from time to time as she inflates. She’s pretty much back to feeling normal and is doing very well all around.

We’re both anxiously awaiting the March 10th appt. so we can hopefully find out the sex and start discussing names. Until we come up with something, remedy my Grandma has decided it’s going to be “Cosmo Lee” after L’s grandfather and father.

Twiggy joins the fun

Not one to be left out of things, viagra Twiggy decided to get sick this past weekend and yak all over everything for a few days. She laid around for a day or so and didn’t feel so hot, no rx but when I offered people food and she declined I knew it was time to call the vet. They did an xray first to make sure she didn’t eat some foreign object that would cause a blockage, then punctured her all over trying to draw some blood (never did get any) and loaded us up with drugs and a couple cans of food.

About $250 for “maybe she got into something”, which strangely enough was the same diagnosis I had to begin with, except for free. Not likely in our fenced back yard but stranger things have happened. There’s no doubt if she finds something that she determines is appetizing she’ll most definitely eat it, no matter how gross L may think it is.

She’s pretty much back to her cat annoying normal self now.


boom boomToday we had a baby doc appt. just to reassure ourselves after all the medications and xrays with L’s dental issue. It took them a few minutes to find the heartbeat and we were getting a little weird for a minute there, advice but she finally found it and said that everything was perfectly normal.

We didn’t really think there was an issue but we just wanted to be sure about it.

Root Canal Diaries

What a few days it’s been. From this day forward L and I will know it as “The Marathon of Pain”.

She had been having a little pain on one side of her face for a few days and went to an ENT doc thinking it was a sinus infection. He put her on an antibiotic and told her to see how it went.

Fri night:

The pain starts getting pretty bad, symptoms and as it gets later it keeps getting worse. We sit up until daylight thinking it will get better, glands but no. After watching her in pain for hours, I finally snap and announce that someone is going to fix her, and sooner rather than later. So begins the ballet of calls to answering services and callbacks. Since she’s pregnant she can’t take hardly anything. The Tylenol they had ok’d a few days before is just not doing it. They tell me to give her 800mg of Advil. Yowsah.

When the Advil doesn’t get the pain under control, the dr tells us to hit the ER at Rex for some pain meds and a CT scan to see what her sinuses look like. So off we go. They do the CT, give her an iv of antibiotics, and write her a prescription for Vicodin. The ENT dr. tells us that the CT shows a minor infection but not nearly enough to cause that much pain. We start suspecting a dental issue.


Home from the ER at noon. L sleeps some finally for the first time during the afternoon. Pain is manageable with the Vicodin. We both manage to get caught up on sleep that night as I still hadn’t slept at all.


Sara and I do some yard work while L lays around and tries to rest. By that night it’s getting bad again and the Vicodin is not keeping it under control. Not planning on repeating the last time, I call the dr and he tells us to go to the ER, he can’t call in anything stronger. So back we go to Rex. The ER doc thinks it’s a dental issue as well, writes her a prescription for Percocet.

After a middle of the night drug store run, we get home about 3am or so. The Percocet whips the pain into submission, and she’s able to get some rest.


I start dealing with dentists first thing. We start with ours, who refers us straight to an endodontist because they think she will probably need a root canal. We get her an appt at 4:45, they are nice enough to see her after hours.

A few xrays later, she’s numbed up, flat out and they are doing a root canal. She has no problems at all and it takes an hour or so. It’s done in 2 appts so they do about 85%, she’ll have to go back to finish in a couple weeks, then back to the regular dentist for a crown.

To add insult to injury, this is the first year we opted out of comprehensive dental insurance, so this ordeal is going to cost us.


She’s almost as good as new. Not enough pain to even bother with Tylenol. Sweet.


It’s unbelievable how much being pregnant complicated the situation. We had to get approval from her OB for everything, every med she took, dental xray, the CT scan. We were nervous about it all, and have an OB appt Tuesday to check on the baby to reassure ourselves.

We’ve really been impressed with her doctors, the dentists and the people at Rex. They were great overall…responsive, nice, and her ENT and the endodontist both have called to check on her since. Nice people.

Growing…and growing

1/15/08 - 7.7cm 10wks 1dayThis latest dr. visit was the best yet (says the one who gets to just stand and watch), click we’ve graduated from millimeters to centimeters, bronchitis 7.7cm to be exact. Just over 10 weeks now. For the first time we could see a head, body and little arms and legs. You can see it fairly well in the photo if you use your imagination a little, just remember he’s upside down (I’m going with “he” for now, I can’t do “it”). We also got to see some upside down jumping jacks, that kid was bouncing around in there pretty good.

Next visit is in 10 weeks and we should be able to tell the sex at that point, which we most definitely are ready to know. L refuses to even talk to me about names until we know.

We’re getting set to make a few changes to the house. In order to move Sara’s room to the 3rd floor we have to find somewhere for the “stuff” we have stored up there. We’ve about 99% decided to build a large closet in the bonus room. We need closet space anyway, even without the extra person coming in. L hates the lack of closet space in this house…it’s amazing how little there really is considering the square footage.

New Year’s Eve Baby Photo

12/31/08 - 10.3mm 7wks 2daysWe had another ultrasound today at just a little over 7 wks. Growing like the proverbial weed now, visit this site from 2.9mm to 10.3mm.

L is feeling well overall. She eats on average every 3 minutes (ok I’m exaggerating a little, approved but just a little) and has really been doing well with eating healthy and staying away from bad stuff.

Here comes baby…well not quite yet.

12/20/07 - 2.9mm 5wks 6daysWoohoo! We found out that L is almost 6wks pregnant on 12/20/07. A really nice Christmas gift for us both.

We told both sides of the family on Christmas, recipe but other than that only close friends for now. Of course Sara was the first to know…she’s excited about the baby, but as icing on the cake she gets to move her room to the 3rd floor, which is where she’s wanted it all along.

I’ve decided to blog this deal in order to be able to keep everyone updated on the baby, but also because I’ve just been meaning to get one going for photos, happenings, and general info.