baby attempts takeover, news at 11

This past Saturday morning L woke up feeling not so great and with stomach pain. When it kept getting worse she called the dr. and he told her to go to the hospital. We zipped over there (very nice to live 5 min away) and they started monitoring her and the baby immediately. We were really relieved to hear the baby’s heartbeat, human enhancement L had not felt him move all morning and was getting pretty worried out about it, approved but they told us she was having contractions and they’re less than a minute apart, hygiene so like one big contraction basically.

As I’m frantically trying to sign all these admission and consent papers, I realize the lady says that one set of papers I’m signing as “the father”, they are prepping L for surgery and putting on little surgery shower caps and booties over their shoes. Holy crap. In a couple of minutes we’re going to have a too-early baby that has no name, no place to sleep, no clothes, no nothing. Holy crap again.

Luckily about that time the dr. came in, completely calm, and started settling everything down. He thought he could get the contractions under control and assured us the baby was in no danger. They started lots of meds and told us she was going to stay at least the night.

Sunday her contractions were much further apart and less severe, but they decided to keep her another day. By Sunday night they had pretty much stopped and they let her go home late Monday morning. No real reason for the early labor that they could find, could have been dehydration, a little infection etc., guess we’ll never know and they said that’s pretty common.

She’s on “modified bed rest” now, which means work from home, take it easy, no shopping etc…limited activity. She’s feeling ok, just uncomfortable and a little hypersensitive to everything.

We’re at 31 weeks now so even though early, it’s not THAT early according to the nurses at the birth center. They deliver them earlier than that. They gave L two steroid injections that will help his lungs develop in case he comes early, but we’re trying to keep him as calm as we can so he can stay on the original schedule a little better.


  1. Susan!

    I don’t know what made me check your website, but I did. OMG! I’m glad you’re home and that little one is not here yet!

    Good luck; I think of you often, Lianne!

  2. mr. farnsworth

    Did you use the siren on the way to the hospital? I mean, isn’t that why you had it installed?

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