baby crashes party, immediately grounded by parents

Grey Everly Jones
Grey Everly Jones

Grey Everly Jones
July 18, ambulance 2008 – 9:27 am
5lbs 10oz

Our son decided once again to show us who’s boss by showing up four weeks early. L went into labor about 4:45am Friday the 18th, and after a few hours they decided to do a c-section due to complications. All went perfect with both of them, and they were both able to come home on Monday the 21st.

He was a little jaundiced and his weight dropped down to almost 5lbs before we left the hospital so we had several dr. visits the first week to monitor that as well as his bilirubin levels. As of Monday he was back up to 5lbs 7.5oz so he’s putting on the muscle.

L is recovering very well and feeling better every day. We haven’t slept for over 3 hrs at a stretch since bringing him home, so we’re both a little worn down, but overall doing well and trying to get into a routine.

Lots of photos posing with Mom, Dad, big sister and family here.

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