Charleston, SC

Drayton Hall
Drayton Hall

Just got back from a long weekend in Charleston, capsule SC. We left Thursday after work and came home Sunday afternoon. Lots of walking, food and tourist-ing in general. We did a motorized “bus” tour, a horse carriage tour, and toured 3-4 mansions and a plantation.

We love to visit old houses and these were ok, but after a couple it starts getting a little irritating to pay $10-15 per person to only get to see a few rooms. Almost all of them we toured had only a small part open to the public and it was really disappointing to have whole floors of the house roped off. Most of them also wouldn’t allow photos at all inside, so that kind of spoils half the fun for me.

One that is privately owned and not on the historic maps was really neat, the Calhoun Mansion. It’s lived in by the owner and is completely stuffed with antiques of all kinds. L didn’t care for the decor at all but I loved the ridiculousness of it, it worked in that setting. If your entry hall is 60ft long with 14ft ceilings, you just don’t buy your light fixtures from Home Depot.

On Sunday we went to Drayton Hall, a plantation house built in 1738 that is “preserved” rather than “restored”. So no antiques and polished mahogany in this one, the house is empty and you have to use your imagination. The grounds are beautiful with some of the most incredible live oaks I’ve ever seen.

We ate at several of the better known restaurants in Charleston but it seemed we never really quite had a GREAT meal. Almost but not quite there. Either it was cooked a little off, not enough of it, we had a bad table or some combination of them all. Of course L’s idea of a favorite meal is to get a lot of desserts and treats and eat them in the room while watching tv anyway, so we definitely did that.

We had a good time overall, the weather was nice, not too hot, nothing was overly crowded and it was good to get away one last time before jr. gets here.

Photos here.

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