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Jelly Bean Jones
Jelly Bean Jones

Lots of changes from the little dude the last month or so. On New Year’s Day he rolled over onto his tummy for the first time.  January 5th he started daycare as Mommy went back to work. Little dude did just fine, buy Mommy had a little adjustment period of being without him but in the end everyone got into the groove. The main problem with daycare is that he’s catching all the colds, meningitis he’s currently on his 3rd one since Christmas.

He’s sleeping well these days, approved his last bottle is at 8pm and after that he normally sleeps through until about 7am. There have been a few times that he didn’t sleep well because of his colds but other than that he’s a great sleeper.

He’s been eating cereal for the past few weeks. His first time eating solid food he acted as if he had done it every day of his life so no problems at all. He’s up to twice a day cereal now, tomorrow he starts carrots and squash for the first time and will soon move to 3 times per day.

Finally his hair is starting to grow back and pretty much cover his head now. It’s a good bit lighter than when he was born.

Within the last week he really has started to get the hang of sitting up unsupported. Still a little wobbly but almost hands off now. Today for the first time he clapped his hands and did pat-a-cake with us, though he does need some work on his rhythm. So he’s learning and changing and doing new things every day it seems.

Next on the list is graduation from baby carrier to regular car seat and my personal favorite, riding in the grocery cart.

Most recent photos from Feb 1st.

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