Growing…and growing

1/15/08 - 7.7cm 10wks 1dayThis latest dr. visit was the best yet (says the one who gets to just stand and watch), click we’ve graduated from millimeters to centimeters, bronchitis 7.7cm to be exact. Just over 10 weeks now. For the first time we could see a head, body and little arms and legs. You can see it fairly well in the photo if you use your imagination a little, just remember he’s upside down (I’m going with “he” for now, I can’t do “it”). We also got to see some upside down jumping jacks, that kid was bouncing around in there pretty good.

Next visit is in 10 weeks and we should be able to tell the sex at that point, which we most definitely are ready to know. L refuses to even talk to me about names until we know.

We’re getting set to make a few changes to the house. In order to move Sara’s room to the 3rd floor we have to find somewhere for the “stuff” we have stored up there. We’ve about 99% decided to build a large closet in the bonus room. We need closet space anyway, even without the extra person coming in. L hates the lack of closet space in this house…it’s amazing how little there really is considering the square footage.

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