Mommy pic for July and update

Well here we are at the end of week 35. Tick tock…it won’t be long now.

L is still on bed rest, capsule at our upcoming week 36 appt. they will decide whether or not she can get back to normal. She’s worked from home for the past ~5 weeks now and is getting a little tired of being trapped in the house and not being able to do some of the things she’d like to be doing, but overall she’s doing great, as is the baby.

We’ve been busy getting the baby room ready, I painted earlier this week and tonight we got some of the furniture arranged. I have a dresser and changing table to paint, change the ceiling fan and a few odds and ends but that’s about it until we get the crib etc.

We went with green, can’t do blue. Not gonna happen.

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  1. Aunt Gloria

    Hi Mom & Dad,Congradulations the pictures are wonderful now i can watch him grow up.Glad all is well he is so beautiful you guys did a great job.I think he might could pass for a little japanese baby Ha-Ha.Hope to see him in the next year.Take Care Love Gloria

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