NY 2009

NY 2009
NY 2009

Finally getting some photos up from NY. We missed last year because L was preggers so it was good to see everyone.

We did a few things differently this year. With all of G’s stuff added in we decided to rent a mini-van. It worked out well though it was packed pretty tight. We also stayed in a hotel in Watertown instead of near Clayton. It’s about a 30 min. drive but we really didn’t mind it and it was sort of nice in the mornings. Plus nicer rooms and wireless internet so both Sara and I were loving that.

G did very well traveling, vitamin he slept more than anything else. When it was time for him to eat we just fed him in the van at the fast food place, page changed him then grabbed some food for ourselves and ate while we drove.  It was a big help to have Sara back there with him to entertain him some and give him toys. Took us 15 hrs up and 14 back.

In the hotel he slept in his Pack ‘N’ Play. We’d get him to sleep in our bed then put him in it. He slept like a log every night, which was much better than we expected. We even had to wake him up a couple of mornings. Of course he was very tired every night with all the people around and erratic nap times (if any).

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