that’s my boy!

3/10/08 - 17wks 5daysWeighing in at 7 oz., price our son.

I keep saying “my son” to myself and it still sounds strange to my ears after being so used to “my daughter”.

Ultrasounds are great, healing they just never last long enough. We sit there with stupid grins the entire time and say things like “oh, viagra look at the little fingers” and “awww, he’s kicking his feet”…the technician must want to punch someone in the head by the end of the day. I’ve considered offering her a 20 spot to show me the “print” button and then go get herself a coffee, I’m pretty sure I could drive the thing if I had a couple minutes to figure it out.

Everything is so far is great. At 18 weeks now, all tests have been normal, L has gained 8 lbs and everything is just where it should be. They checked kidneys, spinal cord, heart, brain etc. and all are looking fine. Unfortunately this was the last ultrasound unless there is a need for another one, so that’s disappointing but I have a feeling mid August is going to be here soon enough and we’ll have the real thing.

We’re ready to start discussing names but alas, I discover that L’s Super Secret Special Stash of Names doesn’t have anything for a boy in it, so we have nothing, nada, zip. I guess these days there are plenty of baby name websites, but before it even starts I know what certain ones of you are thinking and NO, we are NOT naming this baby Chris, Mark or Chuck, lol.

L is starting to wear maternity clothes now, is eating well and feeling pretty normal overall.

We’ve finalized our plans for adding a closet in the bonus room and are about to start gathering supplies for that. We’ve been back and forth on it a lot, giving up square footage for a closet is not something we want to do but we really do need the closet space so we think it will balance out.

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  1. aunt andrea

    We didn’t have a boy or girl name we both agreed on. Baby boy Smith wasn’t named until 2 days old.(?)We kept seeing an actor named Cameron Mitchel, in the millions of westerns Jim watched.(In those days,only one tv and the remote belonged to him)It grew on us. Didn’t want another Jim,Cos,Paul(or real name Horris(sp?). Cameron Michael(jims middle name)was finally named,
    When you least expect it, it will come to you!
    Love us

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