Twiggy joins the fun

Not one to be left out of things, viagra Twiggy decided to get sick this past weekend and yak all over everything for a few days. She laid around for a day or so and didn’t feel so hot, no rx but when I offered people food and she declined I knew it was time to call the vet. They did an xray first to make sure she didn’t eat some foreign object that would cause a blockage, then punctured her all over trying to draw some blood (never did get any) and loaded us up with drugs and a couple cans of food.

About $250 for “maybe she got into something”, which strangely enough was the same diagnosis I had to begin with, except for free. Not likely in our fenced back yard but stranger things have happened. There’s no doubt if she finds something that she determines is appetizing she’ll most definitely eat it, no matter how gross L may think it is.

She’s pretty much back to her cat annoying normal self now.

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