update and a mommy pic

2/20/08Today was a trip to the doc for some blood work and to listen to the heart beat. All is well in babyland.

L has started showing very well now although you can’t tell so much in the photo. I’m going to try to post pics from time to time as she inflates. She’s pretty much back to feeling normal and is doing very well all around.

We’re both anxiously awaiting the March 10th appt. so we can hopefully find out the sex and start discussing names. Until we come up with something, remedy my Grandma has decided it’s going to be “Cosmo Lee” after L’s grandfather and father.


  1. Susan!

    OMG! You look so good. I can’t believe you’re going to have your very own baby. That was the greatest thing that ever happened to me! Twice! And, now Drew and Emily are 17 and 15!! They really do grow up so fast, whether you’re ready or not (which I’m NOT!).

    I hope we can see you sometime soon. Sorry we couldn’t make the pizza supper, but the kids go from one thing to the next, and Emily’s life, it seems, has revolved around Drew playing soccer! So, when we can make it to her functions, we try to get her there! She dances, too, like your step daughter! She was in six Nutcracker dances – four productions this past December!

    I’ll check in later. Take care of yourself. You’re in my prayers. I think of you often, and did on 2/24, too! Can’t wait to hear if it’s a boy or a girl!!!!!!

    Love, Susan

  2. Pat Hepler

    Congratulations to both of you! Lianne, your mom gave me this website and I’m so impressed. Chris, you’ve done a great job on it. I am very happy for you and hope the little guy or girl is born healthy and happy. You’ll be great parents. Be sure to let me know when you learn the sex of the baby.

  3. Aimee Hepler

    Congrats!! I wish you all the best. Keep me posted on the progress…Lianne, drop me an email soon so we can catch up. I have a beautiful niece, Lydia, and another niece/nephew on the way. We can talk babies!!

  4. Uncle Mark

    Hellooo… where is the new ultrasound? We are trying to stay up to date from way over here in High Point! A little help?

  5. Munah

    Hi Anette! :-)Just had a look at some of your pictures from last days :-)Coincidentally a cupole of weeks ago I got a cold when I returned from London. For me personally it always starts with a sore throat then the following night the sore throat goes and sneezing and blocked up nose take over as well as feeling ill. Luckily though I had 4 days remaining of my annual leave so when I returned to work I was over the worst of it.I never buy souvineirs whenever I go to London. Instead I always seem to return with some germs or virus of some sort :-)I’ve read some of the previous comments about you been in hospital. Hope you’re ok :-)Have a nice evening Anette! 🙂

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