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who rules the roost? baby does.

Grey - 2 months
Grey - 2 months

So I FINALLY get to an update. We’ve been hibernating, drugs or at least it feels that way. Grey just hit 2 months.

A week or so after coming home he started having some stomach problems. He seemed to be in really bad pain (mainly after he ate) to the point of screaming and thrashing around. So we started taking him to the dr. and trying out all the meds and about every formula on the market. Nothing really made a difference.

So 2 weeks ago we took him to a gastroenterologist at Duke to see if they could find the cause. They upped his dosage of Zantac for a week (no help) and then had us try a couple of cans of super high end powdered formula to rule out an allergy once once and for all (still no help).¬† So it looks like next up is an upper GI scan, we’ll find out next week.

For about the first¬†4 weeks he was home he was eating every 2 hrs. It was taking on average an hour to get him fed and back to sleep (and he’s not the best sleeper with tummy pain), so we were sleeping 45 min – 1 hr lots of times. It was an absolutely brutal schedule and looking back it seems a bit surreal. Now he’s eating about every 3-4 hrs during the day and every 4-5+ hrs at night…plus we can alternate at night now so each of us can sleep for a while uninterrupted. Still not great but compared to what it was it’s a walk in the park. Also, I think we’re both just used to being tired all the time now.

In-between the times he’s hurting and furious with the world, he’s just awesome. He’s starting to hold his head up pretty well now, is making eye contact and following things with his eyes. He’s also growing like crazy, he just hit the 10lb mark and L is missing “her tiny little boy”.

We’ve started taking him out a little, last weekend he went with us to Golden Corral to grab some take-out, and tonight he went to Cary Towne Center, we actually broke out the stroller for the first time. This afternoon he gets his first real photos done.

Lots of photos for August.